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Chandler Heating & A/C Inc. is proud to serve our community with a full range of heating and cooling services. As a Mitsubishi Electric contractor, we are particularly well-equipped to assist our customers with important alternatives to central heating and cooling equipment. Ductless air conditioning offers flexibility and affordability to those who need dependable home comfort equipment. Our technicians are available for estimates on new ductless systems or to provide needed maintenance or repair services on existing equipment.

Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning

A ductless mini split system from Mitsubishi Electric operates on some of the same principles as central air conditioning. For example, a ductless system circulates refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units to absorb heat from the indoor area, which causes the desired cooling of the inside air supply. However, a ductless unit is different in that it uses small air handlers in each living space involved in the system configuration. Rather than moving treated air through a long passage of ducts, the mini split system disperses treated air directly into a given living space. This is a huge benefit for the following reasons:

  • <strong?No energy loss through ducts – between 20 and 40 percent of the energy used in duct-based air conditioning is lost during travel through ducts, especially if there are leaks.
  • Better indoor air quality – exposure of the air supply to dirty ductwork can cause pet dander and other pollutants to be distributed to living spaces. This contamination does not occur in ductless equipment.
  • Zone-specific comfort management – a ducted system typically causes all rooms to be cooled or heated to the same temperatures, which can be costly and challenging if there are disparities in personal comfort preferences or needs. With targeted cooling in each zone, members of the household can enjoy custom comfort conditions in their respective living spaces.

Expert HVAC Service

Our technicians at Chandler Heating & A/C Inc. are ready to assist with any serious HVAC problems or needs, including the installation of Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems. We offer system maintenance to ensure that your equipment continues to provide excellent comfort and energy usage results. Our goal is to keep our customers comfortable while helping them to achieve affordable utility costs related to their seasonal HVAC activity.


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