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Neuhaus Heating and A/C, Inc., has spent 25 years in business working to provide our customers with exceptional service as we have addressed their heating and cooling needs. We strive to provide the most contemporary solutions available as we offer equipment and services that will help homeowners to achieve the best possible energy usage results while experiencing excellent comfort levels. As a Mitsubishi Electric contractor, we are poised to provide unique solutions with ductless air conditioning and heating systems. Whether you need to find a way to manage temperatures in a single room or in the whole structure, we are ready to assist with high-quality ductless solutions.

Is Ductless Right for You?

If you currently have a central air conditioning system, you may have questions about the benefits of ductless air conditioning. The most obvious change is the elimination of ducts from your air conditioning configuration. This can provide important savings on your utility bills because ducts tend to promote a significant amount of energy loss. Leaky ducts can account for up to 40 percent of your HVAC cooling costs. Additionally, the quality of your air supply may improve as it cycles through an air handler in a specific zone without having to travel through the dust and dander that can contaminate the circuit of ducts. Each room unit in a Mitsubishi Electric system has its own filter.

Are Ductless System Components Difficult to Install?

A ductless mini split system can typically be installed in just one day. There is minimal structural work needed for the installation of room units. A small hole must be placed to connect refrigerant and electrical lines between the indoor air handlers and the outdoor condenser unit. Indoor equipment can be mounted inconspicuously to ensure that the decor of an area is preserved. Once installed, Mitsubishi Electric ductless units operate quietly, providing customized comfort levels in each living space while allowing you to focus on your activities in peace.

Skill and Service

Our team is ready to respond promptly for emergency or planned services with ductless or central HVAC equipment. We are proud to make a positive contribution to Litchfield and surrounding Illinois communities as we work to keep your comfort system operating at its optimum.


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