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With more than 80 years in the home comfort industry in the St. Louis area, Seliga Heating and Cooling is devoted to high-quality equipment and solutions. Customer satisfaction is critical, and we have endeavored throughout our existence to assist the residents of our community in finding customized solutions based on the particular needs of their households. Many of our customers have been with us for decades, and we recognize that the quality of our service translates into important references. From the office to the field, we offer courteous interactions and expert workmanship that allow you to enjoy excellent value and comfort levels in your home.

Committed to Our Customers

Our team is prepared to listen and help from the office and at your residence. We work efficiently to diagnose issues, knowing that a malfunction with a HVAC system can be a serious concern in your home. We are available for both emergency and planned services to remedy problems or update your home comfort system. Our technicians can provide estimates and installation services with new equipment. We also encourage regular preventive maintenance service to keep existing equipment operating at its optimum level. In addition to household temperature control concerns, we also address energy performance and indoor air quality needs.

Experience the Ductless Difference

As a Diamond Contractor for Mitsubishi Electric, we are available to install, service and repair ductless heat pumps. For many, ductless air conditioning and heating offers excellent home comfort benefits, including:

  • Energy efficiency - elimination of ducts from your home comfort system can cut between 20 and 40 percent from your energy bills. Additionally, independent heating and cooling of various spaces may lead to lower energy usage.
  • Fast installation - a new system can often be installed in just a few hours.
  • Low sound levels - your equipment operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy comfortable conditions without excessive noise production.
  • Indoor air quality - ductless heat pumps limit exposure of your air supply to mold and other pollutants that are often harbored in central systems and ducts.

Expertise and Integrity

At Seliga Heating and Cooling, we participate in ongoing training and educational activities to keep up with important developments in our industry. We endeavor to offer you the latest home comfort services and technologies so that your home environment can be pleasant and healthy. From installation to maintenance services, we work to keep your system optimized so that you can count on excellent performance throughout the year. Whatever your heating or cooling needs happen to be, Seliga is here to serve.


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