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Where to Buy Ductless Air Conditioners

Thanks to growing concern about energy costs and the environment, many St. Louis homeowners are upgrading from central and window air conditioners to ductless mini and multi split systems. Between their high efficiency, improved comfort and compact design, ductless systems have plenty to offer any home.

How Ductless Systems Work

A ductless mini or multi split air conditioner uses the same cooling cycle as any other air conditioner. At the evaporator coil, refrigerant chemicals absorb heat from inside the home; at the condenser coil, a special pump called a compressor forces that refrigerant to become liquid and release its stored heat. This cycle literally pumps heat outside the house, cooling the air.

Ductless systems, however, introduce the following improvements to this design:

  • Inverter Technology: Also known as variable-speed technology, this hi-tech compressor allows the unit to match a home's cooling needs in real time. This eliminates the constant cycling on and off that causes window and central air conditioners to waste power.
  • Direct Cooling: Central air conditioners can lose up to 30 percent of their cooling power to leaks in the duct system. Ductless split systems avoid that issue because their cooling power is right in your living spaces.
  • Peace and Quiet: Ductless indoor units are very compact machines that sit high on interior walls. They make very little noise, and because they run continuously, there's no extra noise associated with turning on and off.

Zone Control Gives You Control

Ductless multi split systems have an additional advantage: zoned control. Because each indoor unit can be individually adjusted, it's possible to set different temperatures in different rooms to improve energy efficiency further.

Both types of Mitsubishi Electric ductless air conditioning systems are great for smaller homes, older houses without great duct systems and new additions where extending the existing ducts would be impractical. Of course, efficient cooling is great for any budget-conscious or environmentally friendly homeowner.

Where to Buy Mini Split Air Conditioners

If you're ready to go ductless in your St. Louis home, look no further. Our Mitsubishi Electric contractors are experts on both mini and multi split systems. They'll be happy to come to your home, measure its cooling load and help you choose the perfect ductless air conditioner to keep your family cool for years to come.

To find a highly qualified Mitsubishi Electric contractor near you, just use the convenient search tool located on the top of the page. All of our contractors are experts in the industry and deliver the experience and skill required to properly size and install just the right ductless heat pump for your home or business.

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